Do You Want To Learn How To Read Wiring Diagrams Like A Pro?

Reading Wiring Diagrams

Reading Wiring Diagrams Like a Pro!

Reading wiring diagrams like a pro is an essential skill for any diagnostic technician. 

The basic electrical course run here at GotBoost has a section dedicated to current flow or wiring diagrams.

Our Unique 5-Step Test Plan

Is Step by Step process designed to help technicians with electrical fault finding. 

The 5 step electrical test plan

It All Starts with identifying the 5 elements of every circuit.

Every automotive electrical circuit has the following elements;

  1. Supply
  2. Protection
  3. Control
  4. Load
  5. Ground

Having the ability to read wiring diagrams is essential if a technician is to correctly identify these 5 elements quickly.

Here at Gotboost, we encourage technicians to write their own wiring diagrams, which reinforces the ability to read wiring diagrams and insert the expected values at every measuring point.

Selecting where and when to test is another essential diagnostic skill that is taught on this course. Technicians are required to inspect both the circuit diagram and the vehicle to select their test points. 

Every reading is noted on the wiring diagram and technicians are taught how to evaluate their results.

Finally, technicians are required to carry out simulations, repairs or carry on testing based on the previous results.

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    Why do technicians find it difficult to read wiring diagrams?

    The number of technicians who find it difficult to read/follow wiring diagrams always surprises me.

    But why?

    Because most haven’t been taught how to do it.

    Once this essential diagnostic skill has been mastered, the vital information available from being able to read wiring/current flow diagrams will be revealed to you.

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    Students reading wiring diagrams

    Hands On Training

    Check out these technicians learning how to read wiring diagrams at Gotboost. Notice how they are using their own equipment and multi-colour pens to draw their own version of the diagram.

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