Automotive Training

Why is Automotive Training so important right now?

The automotive industry is moving at an incredible pace.
The constant demand for increasing performance, comfort and reliability whilst producing fewer toxic emissions has driven the industry forward over recent years.
But are YOU keeping up?
When did you last invest in training for yourself or your staff?

Training room
learning Environment

5 Outcomes of Gotboost’s Automotive Training

Here at GotBoost, we aim to provide relevant training to help you;

  1. Fix modern vehicles.

  2. Give you the edge on the competition

  3. Increase Profits

  4. Improve your first-time fix rate

  5. develop the skill set of you and your staff.

Our training is designed to be inclusive, with levels for everyone from the apprentice to the Master Technician. We want you to learn in an environment designed with the automotive industry in mind.

Dyno Facility
Chassis Dynamometer

Automotive training Format

All of our courses require the learner to get ‘hands on’ we encourage you to bring your own equipment and to try the techniques on your kit. You will be shown how to, then you will be given the chance to practice the skills and techniques in a supported environment.

We will tell you, we will show you, we will show you again, then you can have a go. When we will support you.
We like to ask the learners to help each other, as this further reinforces the learning.

Don’t be an Ostrich

Do not bury your head in the sand, the most comfortable place to be is not knowing what you don’t know.
Far more uncomfortable is knowing what you don’t know. This is the first step to doing something about it.

We are running evening courses across South Wales in conjunction with local colleges or Motor Factors, check out the Blog for the latest dates.

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