Using a Picoscope 7 Automotive Software

Edge Count

The Edge Count Function – Counts the number of rising and falling edges in the signal.

Falling Edge Count

The Falling Edge Count Function – Counts the number of falling edges in the signal.

Rising Edge Count

The Rising Edge Count Function – Counts the number of rising edges in the signal.


Advanced Measuring Options

Measuring Between Rulers
You can choose which section of the graph will be used for the measurement function by selecting between rulers. 
(Whole Trace is the default)
Then select the area to be measured using Time Rulers.

 The measurement threshold and degree of hysteresis for Edge Count, Falling Edge
Count and Rising Edge Count measurements can be used to ensure accurate reporting.

Using signal rulers helps prevent ‘noise’ from triggering false measurements by placing the signal rulers within the actual waveform.


Hysteresis is a feature of the advanced trigger types in PicoScope Automotive software that reduces false triggering on noisy

When hysteresis is enabled, a second trigger threshold voltage is used in addition to the main
trigger threshold.

The trigger fires only when the signal crosses the two thresholds in the correct order. The first threshold arms the trigger, and the second causes it to fire.

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