Oscilloscope Training

Oscilloscope Training

Why do I need oscilloscope Training?

Oscilloscope Training is essential to get the most out of your ‘scope’. Without trianing your oscilloscope will not feature heavily in your diagnostic process, and may end up left in the box holding the office door open. That’s an expensive door stop.

Our Basic Oscilloscope Training course is designed to get you scoping with increased confiedence. It is ideal for technicians who are new to ‘scopes’ as well as more expierenced users.

Why Do I need an Oscilloscope?

Automotive Oscilloscopes are not new, but they have evolved just like the technology they are used to measure.

The early ‘scopes were used to analyse ignition systems, and have never stopped being used for this purpose, but using a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) has become necessary due to the speed of modern electrical signals and control methods.

Digital Multi Meters simply do not have the sample rate to display many common electrical signals.

Oscilloscope Help

We have put together a number of videos and basic guides to get you started with your scope as well as more detailed videos for more advanced users.

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Oscilloscope Training Course Content

Our courses are designed to develop your knowledge and skills beyond that of just being able to perform these tests, but how to expand your test routine to enable you to diagnose faults quicker and with more assurance.

We offer two levels of oscilloscope Training; Basic and Advanced.

Both courses are a mixture of theory and practical sessions and delegates are encouraged to participate as much as possible.

The Basic Course Covers;

  • Basic Scope Set up
  • Triggers
  • Sample Rate
  • Filters
  • Basic Component Testing

The Advanced Course Covers;

  • Detailed Waveform Analysis
  • Relationship testing
  • Pressure Sensor Waveforms
  • Maths Channels

All automotive scopes are suitable and we have three different ‘scopes available for comparison. However the pico scope is used as the basis for all our Oscilloscope Training courses.