Electrical Fault Finding

Gotboost’s Automotive Electrical Training course

This used to be a refresher as a part of other courses.
However, after recieving feedback from delegates we now offer it as a stand-alone course.

Electrical fault finding is the foundation for all electrical diagnostic tests.
If you haven’t had any formal Automotive Electrical Training or want to know where to start your diagnostic training journey then this is the course for you !

The course is delivered over three evenings, but it isn’t full of theory, it is a fast moving and practical course where you bring your multi-meter and perform real tests.

Automotive Electrical Training Course Content

fluke multimeter
Digital Volt Ohm meter

Evening one

• Test Equipment
• Circuit Construction
• Principles of Volt Drop
• Control methods

Evening 2

• Formulating a Test Plan
• Electronic Control of Circuits
• Circuit Construction
• Testing Sensors

 Evening 3

 • Using Current Flow Diagrams
• Wiring Diagram Symbols
• Inserting expected Values
• Testing Circuits

During the course students will construct simple circuits and test them, developing a set of rules that will form the basis of a test routine that will enable them to test far more complex circuits. Such as ecu sensor circuits, and automatic lighting control systems. Both of which the students will build from components using standard wiring diagrams. Reading currentflow or wiring diagrams as they are sometimes called, is an essential skill that many technicians simply do not possess.  Delegates will become comfortable with these diagrams even creating their own as part of their test plans.  Knowing what the meter should read is the secret behind sucessful electrical fault finding, this secret is shared during the Automotive Electrical Training Course.

With the tips and techniques taught and practised on this course you will gain confidence testing all types of circuits.

Remember ‘if you don’t know the result, then it’s an experiment not a test’.