Autotech Workshop Takeover 2023

GotBoost joined Autotechnician Magazine for the Autotech Workshop Takeover 2023

Andy has once again teamed up with  Autotechnician Magazine for Autotech Workshop Takeover 2023

The only Presenter to have been involved with every event to date.

Andy is very proud of his association with Auotechnician Magazine and supports the mission to empower proactive technicians and garage owners by providing online technical assessments and expert training.

You can register for the Free Online assessments here.

Andy Crook of GotBoost used a simple Diesel Diagnostic task to demonstrate how best to approach diagnostic work and manage customers – advice honed from years of refining the most effective processes.

This included the 4C’s of presenting your offer to potential customers

  • ensuring the contract is clear for both parties
  • agreed methods of communication,
  • Count-clear definitions of time frames and costs, How Much and How Long
  • consensus (agreeing on all of the above).


Capturing Primary Data

Andy demonstrated how the customer can provide valuable data if there is a process in place to capture it. 

Forever the data enthusiast, Andy has crunched the numbers and worked out how valuable just two questions can be

  1. ‘Has any other garage worked on the car?’
  2.  ‘Is there anything else?’

The diesel fault was then tackled keeping the previous guidance in mind and applying the tried and tested Gotboost Diagnostic Process.

Takeover Video

The video of the event shows how the event brings like-minded technicians and business owners together.

Not only to gain practical advice on fault-finding across various systems but to network with like-minded guests and trainers who are more than willing to share their expertise honed over many years of training and head-scratching!

All the sessions are hands-on with live faults guaranteed to get you thinking.

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