Keeping to a Routine

Keeping to a Routine

It’s all too easy to take a few days off, get up a bit later, or leave that email until tomorrow,
let’s face it we have plenty of time on our hands. But keeping to a Routine will help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

‘Procrastination is the thief of time’

Keeping to a Routine

With the Easter Bank holiday behind us, are you supposed to be in work?
Then why are you painting the fence, would you normally be doing that?
Why are you watching endless hours of netflix or youtube in your pyjamas during the day?
It’s tempting to relax, afterall you have done what you can to help save the business and
help stop the spread of the virus by staying at home.
You may be a furloughed worker, or closed the business to protect your staff and
You have applied for financial help in the form of grants, and the rest is out of your hands.
What will be will be……..

However there is plenty that can still be done.
Technicians can learn new skills via remote learning platforms and individual research.
Business owners can plan, update the website, improve the social media pages, etc.
The best way to achieve this is to mirror your normal work routine, thus bringing a sense of
normality to your day. Routines help reduce stress & mental fatigue, so set the alarm clock
and get up at the usual time, showering and getting dressed as if you were going to work.
You can still paint the fence, or watch netflix and youtube but after work.

Create a Workspace

Set up a micro office in the corner of the kitchen, or the spare room, all you need is a laptop,
phone and an internet connection.
If you are lucky enough to be able to close the door, this may signal to others at home that
you are ‘in work’.

Take Breaks

Your New pop-up office is unlikely to be ergonomically friendly, so get up and walk around,
leave the room, check on the kids.
Plan bite sized tasks that you can achieve without spending hours in front of the screen.
You should have an Action Plan which outlines what you need to do over the next week,
month, quarter and year.
Exercise everyday, just going for a walk at the same time everyday will have significant
physical and mental benefits, by the end of lockdown you will be amazed how much further
you can walk in your 30 minutes of exercise time, and how inspiring it is just to be outside
with the dog, or your partner, or the kids.

Stay Connected

Loneliness and isolation are common problems for homeworkers. So call your colleagues
or your staff to check they are ok. If they are working from home, then this is vital to keep
abreast of progress and to motivate and inspire them.
Join the Automotive Support group quiz and keep an eye on the Events section of the page.
Skype and FaceTime are great ways to stay connected with friends and family.

Do Something Amazing

What is it that you have been meaning to do, but haven’t got around to it?
Well now is your chance, write that Ebook, lose those pounds, start an exercise routine.
Develop knowledge of electric vehicles, learn to play that guitar.
The list is endless, but make time to do one or more of those things.
Routine is good for our mental wellbeing, so let’s take advantage of the time to reset, pivot
and become better technicians, and business owners.