Business Planning for Garage Owners

The Business Vision

In a recent online poll 8 out of 10 garage owners said they didn’t have a business plan.

If you don’t know where you are going, you are very unlikely to get there.

Are you one of them?

Would you set off on a journey without knowing the destination?

So why is it that so many garage owners do not have a business plan?

The Business Plan or Vision is the destination for the Business.

The Business Sat Nav

Business planning can be compared to setting the direction of travel for your business.

These GPS coordinates result in a planned route to your destination.

It is not the actual path you will take, as there will be many obstacles in your way, and other factors to consider which constantly result in you correcting your course.

We have all heard stories about people who die on mountains or on the trail, because of poor planning, not having the skills or experience for the route taken. Tragically they are often found just a few feet away from safety.

The same is true in business,  without the correct training, skills and planning it is luck that will decide your fate, often agonisingly close to the path which would have resulted in success.

Only What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Having a plan means you can set goals, targets and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that can be managed. 

Too many small businesses use the end of year accounts as the sole barometer of success. This is a bit like playing a game all year and you only get to see the score after the game finishes.

Would your chances of winning increase if you knew the score every day, week, month, quarter?

This Course Shows YOU How to Start Planning

Starting with the end in mind

The course allows you to identify;

  • If your current business is capable of achieving your goals 
  • Which stage of business you are currently operating at
  • The 3-5 Key Performance Indicators for your Business
  • The Vision, Goals and Key Objectives for your Business
  • Activities that do not take you closer to your Vision

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