Automotive Business System Training

Business Systems

A business system or process is a  sequence of events that gives repeatable results.

Your diagnostic process, for example, should be robust, repeatable and provide consistently accurate results. 

This process should be used for all diagnostic jobs.

All systems and processes need to be continuously refined and improved.

Most garages do not have an Operating Manual

Think of your systems as the operating manual for your Business.

Every task should be systemised, and every system documented.

  • But there are hundreds if not thousands of tasks in every business
  • Nobody has a system for everything…do they?
  • It would simply take up all of my time
  • Nobody will read them
  • It’s a waste of time & Effort

Once set up systems provide you with the ability to scale.

Imagine a day in the garage when nobody required your input, that everyone knew what to do, and how to do it.

This is how a business should operate. Sadly most don’t operate like this and the owner can never take time off without shutting the business.

A business that does not run without the owner is a JOB.  A poorly paid job that is far removed from the business vision.

This Course Shows You how to Build Systems

Starting with the customer we will demonstrate methods of building systems that are not time-consuming, that will empower your staff not constrict them.

We will show you 

  • Where you can find examples of systemised businesses
  • What processes to prioritise 
  • How to use scripts
  • Key phrases to avoid when speaking to customers
  • Automation of System building process
  • Examples of systems 

Take the 4 week Challenge

Once you start to systemise your business you will have more time to do the things you enjoy. 

We set the 4-week challenge as a means of testing your systems.

You simply need to take a holiday, first of all for a weekend, then a week, until you can spend a month away from the business. This is the point where it is running without you.

Does it work?

I was able to remove myself from the business for a whole year. It wasn’t easy and it had its challenges.

But I replaced myself within the tuning aspect of our business to take a year out to complete a Masters Degree.