GotBoost is proud to provide Automotive Diagnostic Training to the Welsh Ambulance Service

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Diagnostic Process & Procedures

GotBoost has been selected to deliver diagnostic Process & Procedures Training for the Welsh Ambulance Service.

Course Overview 

The Diagnostic Process & Procedures course is designed to get you ‘thinking about how you approach diagnostic tasks’.


The course is a made up of theory sessions and practical case studies, delivered in a relaxed and informal environment, candidates will be expected to participate during the sessions so be prepared to change the way you approach diagnostics.

Course Content 

Diagnostic Operating System

Why you need an Operating System ‘Combating Cognitive Ease’

Looking at process & procedures how they help first time fix rates.

Case studies

Diagnostic Triangle (Equipment, Information, Knowledge)

Measure what Matters 

Effective Scan Tool Data Gathering  (EOBD)

Freeze Frames


Case Studies

Preventing comebacks


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