Pico Scope Start up Settings Guide

During our basic oscilloscope course we show delegates how to set up the oscilloscope for quick easy component testing.

We suggest the following settings;

  • Time set base to 200ms
  • Voltage set to ± 20V
  • Scale x2
  • Move the zero line towards the bottom of the screen
  • No Trigger
  • Sample rate of 500ks

This will result in something being displayed on the screen with almost all components fitted to light vehicles.

The user can then elect to change the settings to suit the component being tested.

The default settings will do the job but I find I keep having to adjust the settings to suit my preferences.

The video below will show you how to setup your start up settings so the scope always opens with your preferred options. Plus how to use the home icon to reset the screen.

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Automotive Oscilloscope Start Up Settings

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