GotBoost at Autotechnican Big Day Out 3

GotBoost reflects on autotechnician magazine at the Big Day Out 3

A week after GotBoost teamed up with Technical Topics at autotechnician’s Big Day Out 3 it's time to reflect on what was an unique day at reading College.

The plan was to deliver two different presentations with on car "live demonstrations" to re-enforce the messages. But after some conversations with James Dillon, we decided to do something very different.

The idea of a delegate led, problem solving, practical workshop was born.

Quite how we would deliver it was another matter. 

Big Day Out 3

Andy & James set a number of faults on the 'kick ass Ka' the choice of the humble Ford was in itself misleading.

Delegates were asked to join one of three groups, blue chairs, black chairs or stand up at the back, based on what course of action should be taken.

Then after some debate, reviews, and presentations on how and why we are likely to fall into cognitive bias traps, the tests were duly performed and the process started all over again.

The importance of the review and evaluation stage was emphasised time and time again, with delegates allowed to challenge the process.

It was dynamic to say the least, constantly thought provoking, and entertaining all at the same time.

We were delighted with the reaction, participation and feedback from the delegates.

Don’t miss out!

Big Day Out 4 is already in the planning stages, with the Date set to be announced shortly.

If you want to be involved in the most dynamic automotive training event in the UK keep and eye on the magazine for more details.







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