Diagnostic Training Courses

Vehicle Technology

The pace of technological Change in the Automotive Industry means standing still results in getting left behind.
Everything has developed and progressed to the point that it is no longer possible to use traditional methods to diagnose and repair these computers on wheels.

We have developed a number of courses that reflect these changes and enable you to perform accurate diagnosis quickly.
These include;
Diesel technology, Basic , Advanced & Expert
Spark ignition Engine Technology, Basic , Advanced & Expert
Vehicle Networks Advanced & Expert
Smart Charging
Chassis Systems
Engine tuning

Electrical Fault Finding

This used to be a refresher as a part of other courses.
However, due to popular demand, it is now a stand-alone course.

It is the foundation for all electrical and electronic testing.
With the tips and techniques taught and practiced on this course you will gain confidence in testing circuits.
If you haven’t had any formal training in electrical testing or want to know where to start

This is the course for you!

Remember ‘if you don’t know the result, then it’s an experiment, not a test’.

Oscilloscope Training

Is your oscilloscope gathering dust, or holding the office door open?

Then this is where you can sign up for a FREE Oscilloscope ‘basics’ guide and view video content that will help you get ‘scoping’.

If you have got a grasp of the basics but want to develop your ability we also have an advanced scope course too.


The Business of Diagnostics

This course is designed for Business owners who want to improve how they go about the ‘Business’ of diagnostics.

It will get you to examine the financial aspects of your diagnostic offer.

Introduce the idea of a system driven process within the workshop.

Help with basic marketing and customer classification.

The Business of Diagnostics will make you think differently about how you run your garage.



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